I have clipped professional for the last 10 years and has tried my fair share of professional clippers.

I highly recommend the Wahl and Lister range whose performance I trust. Wahl and Lister are one of the most recognized, trusted and world-renowned manufactures of animal clippers and products. Lister and Wahl was established more that 100 years ago and has set the standard of reliability and quality through engineering innovation.

The Lister and Wahl range has been expertly designed

  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed for exceptional comfort and efficiency
  • Exceptional durability and built to withstand challenging conditions
  • High quality, precision engineering for power and performance
  • Reliable machinery for consistently even results and higher tallies
  • Cool running design with controlled ventilation
  • Unique blade design for greater animal safety and a lasting finish

Highlights info row image www.wahlglobal.com

Highlights info row image Facebook: WAHL Animal Professional – Germany


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