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I have been lucky to be gifted with the lovely grooming collection by Renwick & sons to try out. 5 starts are not enough. The stylish and innovative brushes are designed with ergonomic, elegance and craftsmanship in mind. They are designed with the rider in mind and with the ultimate focus on the experience for the horse. I absolutely love them. I love the focus of all the details and the possibilities to personalize the strap colour and embossing.

When I have displayed them at my grooming clinics people have showed great interest in them. The brushes come in a classy stylish case . The wood are hand finished certified European hardwood. The leather is handmaid from full grain English leather and the bristle anti-frizz, anti-bacterial, anti-static and ionic monotec bristle.

The grooming collection contains of nine tools to give your horse the ultimative grooming experience

  • Flick brush
  • Body brush
  • Curry Comb(recommended by Paddy and Copyright)
  • Dandy brush
  • Finishing brush
  • Face brush
  • Hoof pick
  • Tail and mane brush
  • Signature comb

Highlights info row image https://www.renwickandsons.co.uk/

Highlights info row image Facebook: RENWICK & SONS


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