Four months from taking over the stable in Denmark, things are finally settling in and I have managed to get the most done before winter is coming. The rest will be fixed spring 2020.

The stable was washed down before I took over the management, and the rest has been fixed over time. The solarium area, feed room and tack room are now completely done and I’m so excited over the results. The walker situation is also under “construction” and the roof of the stable will be fixed start December. Yeah!

The solarium area was working just fine, but I wanted a more powerful solarium with blowers and I wanted the floor upgraded with wet slip resistant rubber flooring.

There are many benefits with a solarium. I choose the big HORSE TRAINER SUN with 25 infra-red rays lamps and 5 blowers provided by Alulette. The solarium is especially effective for drying of the boys after training or if the they has been washed and made ready for grooming clinic, photo shoot or competition. The rays heat also enters the horse’s musculature and helps increasing blood circulation and the elasticity of the muscles, thus achieving a quicker healing after e.g. injuries.

I also find the solarium useful especially if the boys come directly from the paddock and weather has been dreadful and windy. I then use the solarium as heating prior to training. The heating makes especially the muscles of the back relaxed entailing a better benefit of the training pass.

As for the flooring I was reached by EASYFIX Ireland and they help me upgraded the floor with wet slip resistant rubber flooring. The EASYFIX VERSA slip resistant rubber mats is safe when the horse is wet, but the floor also acts as a sound buffer for the more impatient horses. The fitting of the floor was super easy. I simply cut off the interlocking on one side of the mat with a stanley knife, positioned the first mat at the back of the solarium area, and worked my way around with measure tape for correct fitting of the rest of the mats. The interlock system created a seamless finish when I was done installing the mats. I went for the hammer top finish, but I could easily also have used the more wet resistant penny grib on the reverse side.

If the waether is really chilly I choose to put on the Horseware Dry Rug for protection against the cold and faster drying process. Sadly the solarium is located in the cold area of the stable. So when chilly they boyrs are rugged the first 5-10 minutes and then solarium does the rest of the work.