Yesterday Paddy attended my third ever clipping clinic. This time in collaboration with Wahl Animal Europe, NAF and Brogaarden. Both my boys are powered by feeding company Brogaarden, so it was given to team up with Brogaarden and talk about health from within and clipping.

Paddy is feed with Brogaarden Optimal 4 Performance and prepped with Brogaarden B-plus and Dodson & Horrell Show & Glow herbal blend to provide shine and condition from the inside out just before shedding season. I want that warm glow in his coat even in winter season. The Nettle and seaweed provide nutrients and oil that encourage a healthy skin and coat and the fenugreek, marigold, golden rod, red clover and mint promote the natural shine and coat condition.

Before the clinic Paddy also got a proper bath with NAF TEATREE shampoo. He was lucky enough Monday evening to be loose in the indoor and play around in the sand, so he needed wash to get rid of all the dirt and grease in his dense coat before the clipping clinic. A proper wash helps to achieve the best possible finish.

The clinic started at 18.00 and about 30 attended the clinic (which was the max entry since we wanted everybody to be able to see what went on when clipping).  I talked a lot about preparation before clipping. Good quality nutrition to provide shine, the importance of wash before clip and after. I went on to which type of clip to decide – Performance clip, Leisure clip and Native clip (blogpost about this will be available on Friday). I talked about rugging and the importance of proper fitted rugs to prevent soreness and wear of the coat. I would have loved to talk a bit more about the coat sensitive horse – but time just ran a bit away from me sadly.  Let just say it is topics I find just as important as the clipping part. All the topics related to clipping will hopefully be up on the blog by end November.

Paddy was just amazing and so well behaved. This boy is so cool and relaxed when attending any clinics. He seems almost too relaxed. I caught him almost falling asleep at a point. At the same time, he does pay attention to his surroundings and if he can beg for some treats or attention from other people, he is heaven.  I don’t have to stress about him losing his focus.

We went onto clipping. I talked a bit about the different clippers. The importance of a good quality clipper, my personal favorites, and then I slowly started clipping (interrupted by myself when I reached an area which I find more difficult clipping). I would have loved about 30 minutes more to really go into the last details with the chin, face and ears, but sadly I had not managed the time perfectly – and even then, we ran 30 minutes overtime. So next time – either prioritize the tropics or add 1 hour (now I know).

I did not show a whole clip – only half of Paddy was clipped during the clinic. So, when we came home at 21.15, I feed him, cleaned up the trailer, clipped the last half of him and towel him over with NAF Love the SKIN he is in Skin Wash before putting him to bed.

I ended up driving home from the stable at 22.  Such a long. But worth any minute! I love sharing my passion for grooming!