Moving on to Leisure clip.

If the horse work at a leisure level or are turned out in the paddock during all light hours of the day during the winter season, it might not be optimal to choose a Performance Clip, since these clips require a careful stable management duo to temperature fluctuations and bigger investment in rugs when clipped. You will also need to take under consideration if the horse is sensitive to cold – how is the temperature is in the stable during the day and night hours? Is it ventilated and colder or a bit more warm with tendency to stuffy and damp?

You (and the horse) might be happier to choose a leisure clip that does not require as much management e.g
• Blanket Clip
• Chase Clip
• Strip (Under Belly and Neck Clip)

The Blanket Clip can be a great alternative to Body Clip (Hunter clip) for horses in moderate or light training. For Blanket Clip the entire neck is clipped as for Body Clip. You clip under the belly and a bit up the belly as well as some of the groin area. With this clip you ensure that the horse does not get to hot and sweaty when trained. The blanket clip comes in many variations. You can choose to clip a high blanket clip or low blanket clip suited to different training loads. Some also prefer to clip the chins leaving the face and ears for warmth and extra protections during the winter months. The legs are as well left unclipped.

The Chase Clip (Irish Chase) can be a great alternative to the Blanket Clip. Chase is especially ideal for young horses and horses a leisure level, as the horse is only clipped from the bottom of the jaw to under the belly leaving a triangle shape. Everything under this is clipped. By clipping the downside of the neck, chest and under the belly sweating can be reduced. By not clipping at the top of the neck muscles and thus making the neck muscles as well as the body, legs and hindquarters less exposed to clod, it is ensures that the young horse also has the opportunity to protect itself from the cold if it turned out during all light hours of the day.

At both Blanket clip and Chase clip, the horse has the ability to protect itself form the cold in most cases. These clips are good alternatives if you don’t have the possibility to pay the same attention to temperature fluctuations during the day/week, since the horse is not exposed to the cold the same way as when full clipped. These clip will require the horse to be rugged to compensate for the clipping, unless the weather is particularly mild, but you don’t have to invest in the same amount of different turnout rugs as when full clipped, nor exercise rug since the horses back and lumbar muscle are kept warm by the long and dense coat.

Strip Clip (Under the belly and Neck Clip) is also referred to as Bib clip. Strip is the least common clip among leisure sports horses. It is often only used at riding schools for the schooling ponies. This clip is suited for horses in light leisure workout, that live out during the winter months in all kinds of weather, with access to a field shelter, or suited for horses that struggles to hold body condition. The clip is concentrated on the downside of the neck and chest extended between the forelegs to include the belly. Rugging might only be necessary under the coldest conditions.

For leisure clip I recommend investing in either the Lister Star or Lister Legend clipper.