So here is a prober tour of the stable. I was handed over the stable Thursday and started 5am with turning out the horses in the paddocks followed by empting the boxes for bedding.

My fathers industrial surface treatment company was able to spare a worker one day to help me wash down the stable with a cold-water high-pressure washer to remove all dirt from box doors and walls. We were done with the wash-down around 5pm.

The stable is divided into two stables. The upper stable with 8 window boxes (3x4m), the wash area, the feed room and tack room, and the lower stable with 5 boxes (without window), the solarium area and hay storage area. The lower stable will also be the area where the rug dryer will be located when set up.

The whole renovation / clean up of the stable is an on-going process. As much as I would love to be finish by now I still have a couple of full days work ahead of me for it all to be organised and finished. The list is long!

The upper stable – after wash down

Before wash down

After wash down

Before wash down

The walls inside the boxes need a prober wash down! YIKES!!!

Box 1

Box 2


The lower stable

The solarium area – I dont have an after pictures of this yet since the whole area will be different within a couple of weeks. The floor will get rubber mats installed and the solarium will be changed to a HORSE-TRAINER Sun with 25 lamps and 5 blowers. Link to previous post – Stable make over!