It is not that I’m totally uninspired, but at the moment I want to tell you so much about the stable that I’m taking over, but at the same time I want to wait and show you it all in pictures instead. I feel that 1st of August is so far off and yet not so much. It is a bit like waiting for Christmas. Counting the days like a small kid who can’t wait to open the presents. You know what I mean? Tripping and counting, and sorting out the last couple of details. Arranged meeting whit hay supplier, ordering bedding and organizing the last bits and bobs.

At the moment I’m also working towards new partnerships and collaborations. The new stable will be the boys’ new home, but it will also work as a “studio” for my blog. That’s is also why it is so important for me to have a clean stable, lovely tack room and well-organized feed room. The stable will work as back splash when taking photos and hopefully also in general be inspirational. Though I want an organized stable I still want it warm, cozy and welcoming.

Does every blog post need to be picture perfect? Maybe not, but I love it when it is, and since I through my collaborations will deliver photos for my partners to use on their social medias, I want to deliver a high standard.

A year ago, I really hated standing with a camera and trying to take the photos myself. I did not know the different settings of the camera and the importance of light, and never really liked how the pictures turned out in the end. Since then I got stubborn and wanted to learn it myself – at least for products shots, so I can deliver them myself. I have also learned, when arranging the perfect product shoot, that what I see when setting up, may not be what the camera catches, and afterwards one may need to retake the shoot do to different reasons.

Slowly after learning the different settings of the camera and learning that different lenses deliver different depth in the picture through aperture I actually understand why good photographers use proper cameras. I love when only the product is in sharp focus and the background is soft and out of focus. My go to lenses is the Canon EF 70-200mm F/2,8 and Canon EF 85mm F/1,4 – The lower the F-number the softer background. I use my brothers handover Canon EOS 5D mark III but would love to buy a Canon EOS 5D IV.

Furthermore, I still have so much to learn when it comes to editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. The pictures are taken by my brother Casper Dufour with Canon EOS 1D, Canon EF 70-200mm F/2,8 and Canon EF 85mm F/1,4 and edited in Lightroom. It will take years to reach that level, but hopefully one day!