Instagram and facebook are amazing and has given the possibility to reach out and brand your business in a whole new way than before social media. It is a way to search for brands that you know of and find interesting, and algorithms help you along the way to find new interesting accounts, blogs and brands.

Most of the accounts that I follow on instagram have the equestrian vibe in some way or another. They bring something to the table that I believe I can be inspired by or want to know more off. Whether it is the more personal stuff, influencers or brands.

Some years ago I stumbled across Emily Cole Illustration (I believe through instagram – or facebook) and was so fascinated by her amazing illustration of humours equestrian situations we have all been in over the years. Whether it is when winning goes to their head, the one who’s always hungry, the equine tan or drama king or queen. She has illustrated them all! And they are bloody funny!

I contacted her because I wanted to bring something different to my blog, and something I further more could use for branding. I searched some illustrations that created that sweet equestrian vibe and told the story of my journey and which services I offer through Horsegroom Denmark. She came op with some rough sketches to find my vibe. I did not want them too over the top (as A) but loved B – C – D with some minor modifications. I love the final result, and must admit even after a year I still find them interesting and amazing.

My journey with grooming started a few years before I established Horsegroom Denmark in 2015, and has ever since evolved.

Today I offer

  • Clipping and grooming of horses
  • Private grooming and braiding events
  • Grooming events with equestrian tack shops
  • Collaboration with and exposure of brands and companies through reviews, photography and blog posts.

 It was important for me that the illustrations was personal and included the boys. Carlton Homeboy and Copyright was given, but I also wanted to include my beloved Quinthago, who is illustrated both on the clipping picture and photography picture. We emailed back and fourth a couple of time where I include some text about each boy’s personality and photos of them.

The description of the boys was

  • Paddy – fun and loving. Such big personality and goofy pony
  • Copyright – energetic, cheecky, a pleaser and never clean! Always dirty
  • Quinthago – attention pleaser, photogenic and love all attention around him

If you look closely not a single detail of the boys markings was left out in the illustrations of them, and Emily further more included my book Grooming in the piece where I take the pictures of them.