I often get contacted regarding different products suitable for the equestrian sport. I have branded my business to be about grooming and appearance and later on wanted to develop my blog to be a bit more personal. But grooming and equipment is my main business and I love it. It is important for me to try out a lot of different products on the marked and give my honest opinion. It is for sure not all gifted products that has entered my blog or Instagram, and I often also buy products without collaboration!

As written before, entering into agreements or partnerships is often very complex and varies enormously. For some of my partnerships I received payment including products against exposure, while I with other receive the possibility to buy the products for the purchase price. For me both things can be just as perfect, because the agreements help me financially in one way or another, and the price range of the products might also be quite different.

When talking about entering into partnerships or collaborations it is important to understand that both parties should benefit for the cooperation. I work for the companies by exposing and writing blog posts with their products and combining the posts with quality images that they can subsequently apply to their social media. I usually go into depth when I post, and it is important for me to justify my choices and thoughts in relation to the individual product. The product must be relevant to me (or the boys) otherwise I thank no.

Common to my agreements with my partners, is that I had great knowledge of their brand, as I often made use of the products long before I partnered with them. It showed the companies that it was not about receiving gifted or free products, but that I sincerely wanted to enter into an agreement with them based on their brand and products.

The showned items in this blogpost was gifted i spring 2018 by Horseware Ireland and Bot-shop.dk. Amigo flyrugs which my boys are wearing this summer as well.