As the headline indicate it is only month from now, I take over the stable in Nordsjælland.

I bloody can’t wait – and I can’t wait to bring you along the way! Picture by picture – blog post by blog post as we track along the progress.

Those of you who know me, knows that I have been dreaming of and searching for my own place for quite some years now. But buying a stable is not cheap, and we have not been willing to step out of our search area. So, renting a stable is a perfect solution for now. We will still be searching, but the pressure of finding the place within a couple of months is not that big, it will give us time to put more money aside – either for renovation or down payment. The stable I take over is for sure my dream stable, sadly just out of our price range.

I will manage the stable on the side of my full-time work, my two horses, blog and grooming business. It will be a lot, but I believe it will be worth it. Renting a stable will let me know the do’s and don’ts quite fast and will give me the possibility to set up the business and find out just how expensive running a stable actually is. The financial overlook will be helpful when buying my own place in the future, as I can present some numbers and paperwork to the bank. Not just a possible budget.

A lot of things need to be sorted out when arriving, and a lot of work need to be put in the place. With a lot of work, I mean some TLC (tender love and care). The place is amazing and offers all an equestrian could ask for. The place is not run down or anything, but it needs a good “summer clean” and organization. My OCD would love for me to be able to “fix” the whole place within a week. I sadly don’t think that is possible, but we will come far just with a couple of days of hard work. Firstly, the whole stable needs a proper wash down with a pressure washer to remove dirt from the stall walls and fronts. The same goes with the indoor arena, walker, tack and feed room. I have finally ordered the rest the stuff for my tack room makeover and finally decided for the items going in the feed room. I have furthermore ordered a rug rack for 10 rugs for the borders, which will be supplemented with SeBo’s fourfold heated horse rug dryer.  This way all rugs will be organized in the same corner of the stable.

The horse walker is sadly not working at the moment, but I have arranged for a company with special in walkers to come and have a look of the electrician and technical issues, so they can be fixed within a week and two after takeover.  I personally believe it will take a new control box with computer system for it to work again, but that I am willing to pay. I’m finding a walker helpful during the wet fall and winter season and I personally use it as an extra exercise 3-5 days a week. The surface in the walker also need to be replaced. The surface in a walker needs to be stable but also elastic and have a good grip. I will not go with rubber floor or concreate, but gravel topped with sand. Furthermore, all the weeds must be removed in the inside of the walker and the fence will be oiled. Its goanna be functional and look amazing!

The outdoor arena also needs a bit of TLC. I have arranged with the supplier of the tack room items to also level out the outdoor arena, since it is a couple of years since it was last done. Furthermore, the hedge around the ourdoor will be trimmed and cut down where needed. I also would like to create a small and cozy seating area for people and trainers to overlook the training. For that I’m thinking of some lovely white benches.

And last, all the fields and smaller paddock need to be trimmed to maintain and enhance the quality of the grass. Furthermore, it is to control the weed since keeping weed in the same height as the grass create an advantage for the grass and prevents weeds from shading and restricting grass growth. Trimming furthermore prevent weed from establishing seed heads, reproducing and spreading in the field.

So, I can gladly say that my to-do-list is growing by the minute with stuff I want to organize.