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A lot of time has come into the planning of this photoshoot. You have found the perfect photographer, amazing backsplash and outfit. Now you need to sort out the last and most important detail. The horse!

I see so many lovely photos on Instagram where the owner of the horse lack the last bit of grooming and preparation for the creation of the complete perfect photo, which I think is a pity, since they often have paid quite a bit for the shoot and following photos. Use those 2-3 hours to groom your horse to perfection. As written in last blogpost – the camera lens catches everything!

Decide weather your horse need a clip before the shoot. Since photoshoots is of high importance for me, I always need to make sure that the coat shine stands out. My boys have the loveliest healthy coat shine weather it is winter or summer, but Carlton has an amazing warm lovely dark red color in the summertime, when I leave his coat unclipped. It is a bit of a compromise, I don’t want him unclipped in the summer due to the heat when training, but I don’t either want the faded color when newly clipped. So, planning is the key word. When clipped it takes about 2-3 weeks for him to get the warm color in his coat, so for that I am planning ahead.

Bath your horse. I prefer to wash Copyright and Carlton the same day as the shoot. Then I know that they are completely clean and has no dust left in the coat from bedding. Use the Show Off shampoo for deep clean and bright shine. If your horse has white markings, tail or mane you can illuminate those with Brighter Than White.

For extra shine, sparkle and finish apply Shine On or Razzle Dazzle Them finishing spray to the coat and in the tail and mane.

Some horses look amazing with lose mane. Only braid/plait if you are a pro or can hire someone who knows how to do the job. Gush I have seen many badly braided horses and that does no good for the overall result. Apply Braid it Up when braiding to keep the wisps and strays at bay.

Apply natural Profeet Hoof Moist or Paint it Clear polish on completely newly wash and clean hoofs for super shiny finish. When using quick drying hoof polish you are sure for the hoofs don’t pick up dust. The Paint it Clear is a natural shellac, that is breathable and does no harm to the hooves. It does not require removal, as it will rub off within a day or two after applying.

Make sure that the muzzle and eyes are clean of snot and eye discharge. Add the naturally high-quality Oil it Well to add definition and shine to the eyes and muzzle.

Finish off with using a finishing brush to remove the finest dust from the coat and to straiten out the coat. And go through the tail once again with the mane and tail brush to add the last fluffiness and volume.

Carlton was groomed to perfection with the NAF Equine grooming products and photographed by Denise Landerberg – Fine Art Photography during the Swedish Spirit Workshop she hosted for 13 Swedish photographers.