A photoshoot has quite a lot of different purposes as I use the photos in many ways. I mostly use the photos for branding and marketing on my social medias, so they need to be of high quality and variation. I have branded my Instagram and social media to be about grooming, and I personally believe that many follows me duo to my braiding and grooming skills. I only run my social medias as a part time profession. If you want to run your blog professionally and live exclusively from it, it is important to vary the content of the blog posts, work on the graphic, coordinate with partners and coordinate photoshoots etc. to create content that captures one’s followers and maintain them and thereby create traffic to ones social medias. A the moment this would not be possible for me.

I have teamed up with quite a lot of different photographers over the years and love to see their take on the perfect photos of my boys. I love that every photographer brings their own vibe and style. I love the styles fine art, equine soul and friendship and the different editing each photographer brings to the table. I have created so many memories and have such lovely photos of the boys and for that I’m so thankful!

So, what is a perfect photoshoot and how do you plan it, for it to turn out the best?

Since I’m quite detail oriented, I like to plan a shoot down to the smallest details.

Firstly, you need to find the perfect photographer whose style and vibe you like. For that you can use Instagram, blogs or recommendations through friends. When you find the perfect photographer, you will need to contact the person and ask if they have any planned trips in your area. Denmark is quite small so normally it is not a problem for a photographer to come to you in the nearest time, but in Sweden, UK, Germany or States the distance can be quite long and therefore you might need to wait a bit for them to have a planned trip in your area.

Decide on the package that the photographer offers. Many photographers have different packages available. They might offer a mini session of 30 minutes or standard session of one hour at a fixed price, where the number of digital images is not included, and you buy those separately. Or they might offer a session of 2 outfits, 2 hours including 15-20 digital images. Normally you are shown an album of 50-75 pictures in raw edit that you can chose from. If you have chosen a package of 20 pictures and fall in love with 25 you are always able to buy the last 5 pictures. Some photographers also offer art blocks, canvas or books. A perfect way to display a few key images of high quality from you shoot in your home.

When you have found a date for the shoot it is now of highest importance to find the perfect location. Don’t settle for any mediocre or ordinary backdrops. Find a location that can help you bring the right vibe and feeling too the shoot.  If you want with black background all you need it a wide stable entry, but if you want a shoot that stands out, go on the hunt for something extraordinary such as an ocean vibe, flowery meadow, forest or ruin. Decide weather you want full sun, sunset or perhaps start out an hour before sunset so you get a different variation of picture. The possibilities are endless. Ask the photographer for inspiration, perhaps she (or he) has a perfect location in mind in your area. You might also be willing to travel for the perfect location. Always vote you expectations.

As many photographers gives the opportunity of different settings and different outfits decide weather you want to be included in the photo session. Chose outfits that goes with the style and vibe of the photo session. You can choose a gorgeous dress, show outfit or a more casual outfit. Since you pay quite a bit of money for a professional photographer make sure to find jewelry pieces that compliment your outfit, makeup and manicure. Go with smooth subtle nude colors. Remember the camera lens catches everything!

Inspiration and photocredit:

Highlights info row image http://www.deniselanderberg.com/

Highlights info row imageDenise Landerberg – Fine Art Photography