It has always been a huge dream of mine to buy my own stable. But a stable in Denmark is quite expensive and sadly we have not been able to find a stable in the area, we are searching in, where the possibilities and your price range have met.

I have luckily been able to rent a stable with 13 boxes, heated tack room, wash stall, solarium area, feed room and extra space for storage of feed and hay. The stable has 20mx40m indoor arena, 40×70 outdoor arena, a walker, lots of pastures and paddocks and a track around the neighbor’s property.

Taking over the stable is exiting for me, and I can’t wait to get it handed over the 1st of August. I know the stable quite well since I have had my horses stabled there for over 7 years in total, so I feel quite secure that this takeover will be good.

Firstly, the whole stable need a washdown and secondly, I want to give the wash stable, solarium area, tack and feed room a proper make over. I have done a lot of research for it to turn out functional and stylish at the same time. It is important for me and my blog that I have good stylish areas where I can create nice setups for photoshoots and a bonus for my boarders.  I can warmly recommend the blog Stable style if you are in search for equestrian property inspiration. The blog consists of posts such as luxury stable tours, tack rooms, barn details and equestrian lifestyle.

Since I have been searching for my dream stable for quite some time, I have been hoarding a bit of nice luxury stuff for the stable over the last couple of months (okay years). I know it seems crazy for many and not quite normal to buy stuff for a stable that you don’t own yet, but now the stuff will be put tot use.

The tack room is not the biggest, but it is functional. The interior will be upgraded with my dream interior from SeBo Interior and Equipage delivered by Skibby HC. The storage unit and baskets for brushes and grooming products will be from IKEA.

The solarium area will be upgraded to a HORSE-TRAINER sun with 25 lamps and 5 blowers and the floor upgraded with wet slip resistant rubber flooring from EASYFIX.

I’m still in search of inspiration for the feed room and the wash stall. But I believe for now I have a enough going on, and the rest will for shure come.

Stay tuned!