As I mentioned in my previous blog post I’m taking over a stable with 13 boxes the 1st of August. I can’t wait! I’m so glad to finally get Paddy and Copy home from Sweden. Even though I have been so pleased with all the work my trainers has done them, it will be nice to have them stabled only 15 minutes from where I live. I will still go to Sweden for training and shows, but in the everyday I’m glad I won’t have a 90 minutes drive to their stable.

I need your help and inspiration for the feed room. I will of cause offer the possibility to feed with Brogaarden, which I feed with myself and am so pleased with, but I also know that a lot of riders prefer other nutrition brands (feed for ones horse is almost a religion in Denmark). So I need inspiration for the perfect feed room.

Each horse will be offered a shelve to storage supplements such as electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, joint support ect. But I also on the hunt for stackable buckets or storage possibilities for chaff, cubes and müsli. I would love for it to be complete organized!

I would love to see your feed room for inspiration. Please post them in the comment on my facebook page Horsegroom Denmark 

Photo Credit: Brogaarden